1. Case Management or Customer Management Solutions

Working in the United States as a law firm is really expensive because of all the social security and Medicare taxes associated of having legal assistants, attorneys, administrative assistants, and all employees required to make the law firm operational. Last past years, the outsourcing legal invention has been representing an option for a lot of law firms for saving money by outsourcing some legal services to India, like case management and customer legal services. As a result, other developing countries have realized that they can also offer this services for a low cost. Those administrative tasks are not properly legal services they are administrative necessary tasks on the legal work instead. Those tasks require persons with a high English level, interest by legal matters and some administrative experience. Nowadays, internet connection offers us connection all over the world and countries can be connected and help each other doing business that benefits both sides. Let us offer you administrative assistants that can offer you by outsourcing the case management solutions that you are looking for to save money and at the same time, help developing countries to improve the quality lives of their citizens. It’s necessary to say that the persons that will work with you will be working as independent contractors and not as employees which bring to this business deal, a lot of legal advantages. For further information don’ hesitate to contact us!

2. Legal appointments

Put in the system your legal question and your budget. If you have any specific requirement regarding the experience or major of the law expert provide this information to the system. The system will propose you different options, then, select your professional. Schedule your meeting, proceed with the payment and you are done.

-Skype: Schedule your skype meeting with your legal expert for $49 + $The professional fee chosen.

-Phone call:  Schedule your call meeting with your legal expert for $39 + $The professional fee chosen.

-Meeting: Find a professional who can meet you in his law office in your city for $99 + $The professional fee chosen.

3. Legal outsourcing

Offer your legal services through our website. If you are an Attorney, Lawyer, Adviser or other legal services provider propose your services through our website the first year for free. We will just charge you once the customer pays for your consultation, the fee is $49 per consultation. We will verify all your license details and, academic background and work experience, so, you will need to be accurate with the information provided and of course the price for your services and your availability and preferred way to work.

-The first year free: we offer you be part of our database for free the first year. After the first year, it will be  $129 every year the subscription fee. This subscription is your advertising annual fee through our website. You will be proposed to the customers matching your rates and specialty. You can see in the system how many times have you been proposed, however, just the customer can choose between the professionals proposed.