My name is Yuliana, I´m a lawyer. I also did two years of master´s degree in France. As migrant I´ve been having a hard times living in other country, that´s the reason why I decided engage myself with humanitarian issues particularly about migrant people.
In Poitiers, where I lived in France I was volunteer for the French Red Cross and a French Association called “min de rien”. I came back to Colombia to do my internship in the MAPP/OAS Organization of American States.
I opened my law office in November. My enterprise is called Case Law Partners firstly it was a legal outsourcing international firm. I decided recently became my enterprise also a law firm.   As a lawyer I´m specialist in international law, therefore I decided working helping Venezuelan citizens. Some of them had a great job, then, they pay me my legal advice about visa, nationality and migration penalties. I always accord with them my “payment”.
But, recently, I´m worry because some of them they have no money at all to pay my legal services but I still would like to help them. In consequence I need volunteers in order to spent time giving legal advice to the people who have no money to pay but we also can go further and help them with clothes, food, home and help them to find a job as long as I did in “min de rien”. Particularly in the field of legal advice I´m interested to start with legal actions before Inter American System of Human Rights and some asylum seekers.
I don´t have time enough, no money enough because I´m also working as a lawyer in order to pay my bills. I´m looking for volunteers who can work in my law office giving legal advice and doing a list of people who need that work for free and help me looking for donors or investors to pay food, home and help them to find a job, at least a little group of them.
I still don´t have the name, from the moment is called ONG for Venezuelans.
You can help me if you have Colombian friends who would like to be part as volunteers or donors. I can keep you a day about the money we get and invest in the webpage
You can check me in Linkedin and we can agree about the guarantees of the donations.
You also can to create a web page in order to receive donations around the world. If you know create that page and deal with I will be grateful, we can agree about donations and investments. You can create this ONG in your country too.
All the work of this ONG will be because of your contributions.
If you don´t have any money or time, you can give me more good ideas. People and ideas are also welcome.


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